A Highly Productive CD Solution for Service Bureaus

CDSERVICE is designed exclusively for the service bureau that wants to put their customers’ documents onto CD/DVD-ROM. CDSERVICE provides a seamless front-end to DocuWare allowing you to master CDs easily.

Today’s business leaders want information at their fingertips and they want it in the most convenient format. Today that format is CD-ROM. But, mastering CDs can be an arduous and confusing task for the novice. To fulfill the need for simple cost-effective CD mastering within a document imaging solution, CDSERVICE in conjunction with DocuWare 4 provi-des a complete system for scanning, indexing, storing and retrieving documents, as well as mastering CDs. CDSERVICE allows you to record all the details about your customers and then create projects for those customers. You can have as many projects for one customer as you wish, with each project uniquely separate from each other. Important information such as document pick-up/delivery/destruction instructions, costing methods, setup charges, and currency are all unique to each project, with detailed reporting available through the life of the project.

Step One – Create the DocuWare File Cabinet for the Customer/Project

DocuWare’s user-friendly interface allows the DocuWare administrator (or user with appropriate privileges) to quickly create filing cabinets for new projects. Documents can be indexed with up to 24 fields consisting of text, date, numeric or keyword data. With DocuWare you can create up to 65,000 different filing cabinets with up to 255 logical disks for each cabinet, containing up to 16.7 million document pages.

Step Two – Create the Customer and Project

In this step, you enter the customer details, and then define a project for the job. While defining the project information you will specify whether the documents will be delivered or picked up, how they will be returned, and the anticipated dates for these activities. You will also define the costing method and currency to be used.

Step Three – Scanning the Documents

Once you have established the file cabinet and the project, CDSERVICE registers the baskets and prepares the project for use. Documents are quickly and easily scanned using DocuWare. They can contain any combination of signatures, pictures, handwritten notes, text or graphics of half-tone or bi-level format. Once scanned the documents are held in “in-baskets” ready to be indexed and stored.

Step Four – Indexing and Storing

Using the DocuWare interface, documents are indexed with ease. The integrated OCR module offers point-and-shoot data entry, or any of the additional DocuWare modules such as RECOGNITION and AUTOINDEX, can be used to facilitate indexing. The storage and retrieval of ERM data is possible with the COLD/READ module. CDSERVICE and DocuWare handle foreign format documents with ease.

Step Five – Mastering the CD

At any time during the life of the project you have the option to master CDs for distribution to your customer. CDSERVICE offers a user friendly inter-face to enable trouble-free mastering. Simply select the logical disk that you wish to master, give the disk a name and click OK. The si z e of the file cabinet is constantly monitored by CDSERVICE and when the capacity limit has been reached you will be advised to record a CD. At the completion of recording, CDSERVICE will automatically create the next logical disk in the file cabinet for you.

Step Six – Document Retrieval

DocuWare allows instantaneous access to any stored document simply by using any one or any combination of fields and/or keywords. Every CD created with CDSERVICE contains the easy-to-use retrieval module CDREQUEST. CDREQUEST can be installed on the client’s target PC. As each CD is issued to the client, a utility is run to update the database with the latest index information. This way the client has access to all of their CDs.

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ODDS-DM can use CDSERVICE to  help you establish a records archival plan to safely and securely store your backfiles in the most efficient and convenient manner.