Save time and money with smart, electronic forms

ODDS SmartForms software makes the process of filling out paper forms quicker, easier and more accurate. We are able to electronically replicate your paper forms and have them immediately available to employees or clients. Additionally we can intelligently interact with any computer data that needs to be taken from or entered onto these forms. In Human Resources for instance, basic new hire biographical information could be entered once and then automatically placed on the entire new employee form set. They could be printed for the necessary signatures; “copies” routed by fax or e-mail to the appropriate individuals and finally have everything filed into your corporate document management system. You would always have the “paperwork” exactly where it needs to be.

It really doesn’t take long to find the needs for ODDS SmartForms. Look at your in basket or closest file drawer. Most businesses deal with dozens of forms on a daily basis. We have all been pre-conditioned to fill out forms by pen or pencil so they can be “entered into the computer”; then we file “the originals” in a file cabinet. Doesn’t it make a lot more sense to enter data by keyboard a single time and then use technology to place this information onto every form that needs it, and then route and store these documents electronically? “Epiphany” may be too dramatic a word to use for this process, but “common sense” might just fit perfectly.

The Certified Document Imaging Architects at ODDS-Document Management are ideally suited to help you design appropriate document management solutions. Be it something as simple as replacing existing paper forms with ODDS SmartForms technology, or as sophisticated as implementing an enterprise-wide DocuWare Document Management System, we can show you ways to conduct business more efficiently.

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SmartForms are perfectly designed for industries such as:

Juvenile Detention


Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable 


Human Resources



County Records
State Records


If you repetitively complete ANY form, SmartForms is for you.