Document capture has never been this easy!  Imagine a document capture solution that can do the following right out of the box: production-level scanning, production-level indexing, Internet-distributed capture, function as a bar code recognition server, import document images from a variety of sources, and schedule document archiving into a document management system.

Imagine a modular document capture solution that is both easy to use and inexpensive. Yes, eCapture, from Captovation, is more than just scanning software, it is that and much more. If you need a robust capture software program for your imaging system, let eCapture show you what it can do for your business.

eCapture consists of the following components:

ecScan is packed with powerful features that make it the obvious choice in a production scanning tool. 

ecIndex ensures the productivity and efficiency of the indexing operator - saving both time and money by providing an easy-to-use method to manually index and file documents.

ecNet lets you easily deploy distributed document scanning and indexing at remote locations using the Internet or your corporate intranet.

ecAutoFile Server is a simple, software-based solution that uses bar code technology to file images directly into your document management or workflow system.

ecImport Server allows you to import images from applications such as: incoming faxes, images from microfiche conversions, images from multi-function copiers, and images scanned using third-party software.

ecCommit Server gives you the option of scheduling when documents are committed into your document management or workflow system

eCapture allows you to implement both a production-level and Internet-distributed capture system.  By using ecNet, you can scan documents anywhere in the world and then send those images over the Internet back to a central site.  This is a true, browser-based, Internet-distributed system, not just a data link.

With ecNet, you control the capture process - you can scan at one location and index at the central site or you can scan and index remotely and then commit to the central site.  ecNet is very easy to use and requires little or no training.

eCapture is an affordable, modular system that offers concurrent user pricing.  Unlike many scanning solutions, eCapture does not meter your usage.  Therefore, it won't shut down at those heavy production times because you've exceeded a monthly allotment of scans.  There's no monthly cap to the number of scans you can produce so you're free to grow without concern for increased cost.

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