ecImport Server
  Import images automatically


ecImport Server can import images directly into eCapture from a variety of sources and can be applied to such applications as:
  • Incoming faxes
  • Microfiche conversion
  • Multi-function copiers
  • Images scanned using third-party software

ecImport Server is a powerful tool that complements the eCapture 4 suite.  You can define batch jobs within ecImport Server for specific import applications.  Each batch is independently scheduled using the built-in scheduler.  As images are imported, they are turned into eCapture batches where they can be indexed using ecIndex or ecAutoFile Server and are then filed into your designated document management or workflow system.  

ecImport Server is a highly extensible solution that allows you to tailor it to meet your exact needs.  Simply use VBA-compatible macros to customize ecImport Server.  You can even develop your own Import Provider (an ActiveX component plug-in) for ecImport Server.

ecImport Server Features:

  • Runs unattended
  • Importing from network folder (including subfolders)
  • Import using a list file
  • Support for multiple page TIFFs
  • Validation of image integrity
  • Email notification in case of system errors
  • Support for multiple import providers