The perfect tool for production-level indexing

ecIndex ensures the productivity and efficiency of the indexing operator - saving both time and money by providing an easy-to-use method to manually index and file documents.  

ecIndex increases productivity and efficiency by eliminating the need for the operator to constantly move their hands from the keyboard to the mouse.  In addition, operator eye strain and fatigue can be reduced by minimizing the need for the operator to search the image for the data to be entered.

Increased Efficiency

Through the extensive use of hot-keys, auto-field highlighting, and field scroll lock, ecIndex operators should not have  to take their hands off the keyboard.  One of the many features that allows ecIndex to increase productivity and preserve data integrity is the ability to link directly to on-line databases to obtain document index values.  You can also define OCR zones on a per-field basis to reduce keystrokes. (OCR option sold separately)


Maximize the productivity of your indexing operators.  ecIndex provides many features that reduce fatigue and save time:

  • VBA-compatible support allows you to customize indexing by responding to pre-defined events
  • Customizable help on a per-field basis
  • Define OCR zones on a per-field basis to reduce keystrokes
  • Support for Auto-Populate fields
  • Real-time indexing and validation
  • External database queries that reduce keystrokes and preserve data integrity
  • Customized field ordering
  • Auto-field highlighting to reduce eyestrain
  • Scroll locking of index fields to keep the operator's eyes focused on one area of the screen
  • Separator sheet detection to quickly index multiple page documents
  • Copy and delete images
  • Double key field option
  • Field masking, picklist, sticky fields