Mid to high volume scanner operators 
appreciate how easy it is to 
use ecScan

Packed with powerful production features, ecScan is the obvious choice in a production scanning tool.  

With ecScan, you create batch profiles to reflect the unique characteristics within your environment.  So, don't let your scanning operators spend valuable time reconfiguring scanner settings to accommodate different types of documents - they just select their batch profile and start scanning.

ecScan Features:
  • VBA-compatible support allows you to customize
    scanning by responding to predefined events
  • Importing of TIFF image files
  • Batch profiles make scanning easy
  • Automatic blank page deletion
  • Specific image region capture
    (e.g. signature capture)
  • Independent front and back side rotation
  • Pause after every page option
  • Endorsing/imprinting
  • Batch review to assure batch integrity

Customize to Suit Your Needs

ecScan can be purchased with bar code and patch code recognition capabilities.  In addition, on-the-fly image processing helps to reduce file size, clarify images, and reduce re-scans.

Image Processing Features:

  • Bar Code Recognition
  • Patch Code Recognition
  • Black Border Removal
  • Character Smoothing
  • Deshade
  • Deskew
  • Despeckle
  • Fill Line Breaks
  • Line Removal
  • Streak Removal
  • Thinning
  • Thicken

Kofax Adrenaline® Support

ecScan leverages the power of Kofax's Adrenaline scanning platform.  

Adrenaline is installed as a Microsoft Windows® driver and is fully configurable through the Windows Control Panel.  This platform provides sophisticated, yet flexible, support for Kofax accelerator cards and ISIS environments.     (Adrenaline hardware and software engines sold separately)

ecScan also supports Virtual ReScan™