Old Dominion has a primary design objective to provide you, as an end user, with the ability to access your computer data without the need of an in-house programming staff. In doing this we have tried to maximize the use of industry standard and leading, products and conventions. By using products such as Intel processors, SCO Unix, Microsoft Office and TCP/IP we are committing to what is generally referred to as an "Open Architecture" environment. The benefits to you include access to local education and support, availability of "shrink wrapped" software tools, lower expansion and connectivity costs and the comfort of knowing that the heart of your business is in sync with mainstream technology.

MERLIN - Maxi Extended Relationally Linked Information Network, is a collection of programs and third party software that links the power and performance of the host Unix system with the convenience of a structured query language and the virtually limitless possibilities of PC-based computing. You are provided with the "dictionaries" of your data as it exists within Maxi 2000 and a programmer-lass method of inquiring and printing reports through a Windows based PC. MERLIN also includes a pre-defined set of graphs, queries and reports derived from a Microsoft Access database maintained by MERLIN.
MERLIN allows us the flexibility to write programs with Rapid Application Development tools on a PC that will access and update data files on our host system. This means that we are able to respond quickly an inexpensively to your requirements of customers and suppliers. Physically, MERLIN consists of a Windows local area network that includes your operational computer as an addressable node, a Windows PC as a second addressable node along with any additional PCs you may care to include. Old Dominion can assist you with custom MERLIN development and on site training.

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