ROANOKE, VA — 08.10.04 — Bill Jennings, President of Old Dominion Data Systems announced today that ODDS-Document Management is expanding its document management offerings with the development of ReForm, a documentation management system designed especially for the Juvenile Detention, Public Safety and Adult Corrections market.

It combines the ease of electronic forms with the convenience of electronic document management to form an integrated and unified documentation tracking system for facilities of almost any size. Building on the strong foundation of DocuWare document management software, ODDS ReForm makes the process of detainee intake and supervision simpler and more efficient by storing biographical data in a database and then using it to fill out forms automatically whenever a new documentation is required.

ODDS ReForm makes retrieval a cinch, as well. Using database information, we index every document in any format required and save it into a MS SQL database and track every access for security. Using the DocuWare client software, any end-user with adequate clearance can view, email, print or even edit that document as needed.

In our latest revision of the ODDS ReForm software, we have embedded electronic signature capture into the product. Now, forms requiring signatures can be tracked in the system and escalated up an approval or review chain as required by the work processes, all the while preserving the security and validity of the digital signature.

ODDS ReForm is available in two versions, ODDS ReForm and ODDS ReForm DM. For the smaller Juvenile Detention facility needing only automated forms filling, we offer ODDS ReForm . ReForm gives you the ability to store biographical data for all juveniles in a database and to fill forms from data stored therein. The time savings from the elimination of the duplication of effort in simple forms filling can be significant. All current detainees' documents are stored electronically for easy and universal access. Archival is done using standard paper files. ODDS ReForm is the solution for redundant work processes.

For those facilities requiring an audit trail, document security, a more robust database and document archival, we offer ODDS ReForm DM. ReForm Enterprise DM combines the forms filling automation capabilities of ODDS ReForm with the document management capabilities of a full electronic document management application. Built on DocuWare, a leading EDM application, ODDS ReForm DM allow users to store and retrieve all documents for all detainees, past and present.

Old Dominion Data Systems, established in 1980, has over 70 client locations and has provided integrated document imaging solutions since 1997. For more information on the products and services of Old Dominion Data Systems, please call 540.344.6294 or visit the company’s Web site at

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